Grill Stunner

Grill stunner

"Grid" Rabbit Stunner model ATP-001.

The machine is compliant with EC regulations

An electronic panel with a digital voltage and amperage screen, anesthesia adjustment, 0-200 V (optional version 0-400 V), power on light.

Transformer with separate windings.

The electrodes only activate upon inserting a rabbit, which is very important to preventing workplace accidents.

Interchangeable electrodes on the grid.

Permanent installation at your facilities.

Possibility of connecting our stunning setting LOGGER.

Correct stunning confirmation light.

According to the regulation, from January 2013 new abattoirs must meet the following specifications (Annex II of Regulation 1099/2009): The stunning equipment shall be fitted with a system to record the stun parameters and these must be kept for one year. For other abattoirs, it takes effect from 8 December 2019..

We have a recorder separate from the machine that records the stun parameters, pursuant to regulation 1099/2009.