Machinery for Abattoirs

Mevirsa has the most modern and up-to-date rabbit abattoir machinery.

We design and manufacture multiple tools to facilitate the entire process, from stun machines to skin and foot cutters, extractors, hanging systems and peelers.

In addition, at Mevirsa, we have our own in-house repair, maintenance and after-sales service, as well as a permanent stock of spare parts for all our machines. We are thus able to offer an efficient service tailored to your needs.

Our products



Our business allows us to look abroad to export our exclusive machinery to third-party countries. We have an extensive international distribution network allowing us to bring our products to you.

The company was founded in 1979, as MEVIR, S.A., by Mr Joan Vives Queraltó, and was initially engaged in the construction of special machines, automation, transfers, parts machining and manufacture of spares for machines in various sectors.

1Continuous research and development (R&D) in all our products
We believe that innovation is the foundation of good service, and for this reason we have invested in improving our products and adapting to developments.
2A wide network of distributors in Europe
Being able to offer a good product to our customers is our raison d’être and a network of international distributors helps us to achieve this goal.
3We design and build all our products
Almost 40 years of service have given us the experience necessary to create tools that work optimally and efficiently.
4A wide range of products for all types of customers
Whatever you are looking for, at Mevir, S.A. we will work to offer you a product that best fits your needs.