Electronic stunner and throat cutter MOD. ATD-001-R

Maximum production: 900 -1.000 rabbits/hour.

It allows to stun the rabbit, record stun data and slit the rabbit’s throat at the same workstation.

Green indicator light as confirmation of correct stunning process.

Blue indicator light during throat-cutting. The machine does not slit the throat until the stunning is correct, complying with the European Animal Welfare Regulation EC 1099/2009.

Electronic data-logging system with control of stunning and throat-cutting. Touch screen display of stunning parameters, anaesthesia setting 0-400 V and current input voltage indicator light.

Sterilisation of the cutting disc according to EC regulation 853/2004, which establishes hygiene rules for food of animal origin.

Feet adjustable to working height.

Possibility of adjusting the distance of the stunning tongs with respect to the neck slitting.

Possibility of working only by stunning, for small or large rabbits.

Data sheet