The all-new manual stunner AT-004

Mevirsa is presenting its all-new ATM-001 hand stunner
November 15, 2016
FoodTech 2018
Mevirsa at FoodTech Barcelona, the largest food technology event
April 12, 2018

The all-new manual stunner AT-004

Aturdidor manual AT-004

We’re pleased to present an evolution on our manual stunner AT-004 model, based on the same premises of reliability, operability and safety as the preceding model.

Following a complete design overhaul to make the model more up-to-date to meet current market requirements, we’ve been able to reduce the cost without affecting its impeccable operation, the quality of the materials used or the operational safety that define our products.

This model continues to be interchangeable with the rest of our stunner line (AT-003, ATP-001, ATM-001) as it features the same electronic panel so it can be connected to the stunner setting logger (mandatory as of December 2019 in the EC market) at any time and without any type of installation.

This model continues to feature the same safety protocol for activation which prevents discharge in situations of involuntary contact with the operator.

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